Racism in broad daylight

On 17th October 2013, on TV, a prime time reporting show broadcast a documentary about the new faces of an extremist political French party.

This video reminds the facts and show what some inhabitants of the area did in reaction to what they named racist insults.

No more comments are needed…

Racism has no color

I’ve known it in schoolyard. I could hear some people trying to speak with an African accent or some remarks worthy of parents. Yes, a 7 year-old child doesn’t usually have such “political” opinion and when could be heard things like “Go home Nigger!” I didn’t really know what to answer. Continue reading

Challenges of September

This month has been full of actions. Let’s have a look at them:

-         For my job, I’m getting ready for my second trip to Haiti (video in edition)
-      The france TV channel video contest released the winner and the project “30 ans Ailleurs” (being 30 anywhere else). Very nice teaser video. Congratulations to Katia Quéméré et Ivan Lessous.
-          Soon I’ll post the video I sent for this contest.

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