Road Trip – Coober Pedy

Out of Borders looking for Opal.

Coober Pedy is the world capital city of Opal. Here People come from all over the world aiming at finding the right spot that would change their life… Continue reading

Road Trip – Red Center Australia

Out of Borders road tripping across Australia !

From day 7 to day 11 (28/11 to 01/12), we travelled across the red center of Australia…
Devil’s Marbles, Kings canyon or Uluru are some of the site we visited. We also saw many other things on our way !

Enjoy with us !

1 : Devil’s Marbels
2 : Ellery Creek, big hole
3 : Gosses Bluff
4 : Kings Canyon
5 : Uluru

Check on the map to see where we were and if you don’t know where Alice Springs is in Australia you can check this!

(Subtitles available)

Road Trip – Day 4

Out of Borders road tripping across Australia.

Saturday 25th of November, somewhere in the outback of Queensland…

(Subtitles available)