Every day life

When France meets Brazil… Teaser

Interview of a couple from France and Brasil. Is it easy to change country for the benefit of the relationship?
What are the difficulties, drawbacks and advantages?

From all the teasers tell me which one you prefer that you want to see the longer version first.

Challenges of September

This month has been full of actions. Let’s have a look at them:

-         For my job, I’m getting ready for my second trip to Haiti (video in edition)
-      The france TV channel video contest released the winner and the project “30 ans Ailleurs” (being 30 anywhere else). Very nice teaser video. Congratulations to Katia Quéméré et Ivan Lessous.
-          Soon I’ll post the video I sent for this contest.

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Inside the Dragons

Share sport activities is one of the goals of Out of Borders. I had the opportunity to play football in Port Douglas with Dragons of the Douglas United Football Club.

Here, amateur football is taken very seriously and the organisation of championship and matches is slightly different from what I’ve known in France. Continue reading

Where’s my cane ?

After François in India, Out of Borders followed Rodney. One day in which he presented us his job and the different phases that compose it.

Since I arrived here, I see cane fields everywhere around me. Naturally I wondered how does this work, when do they harvest? These fields are so big, how long does it take ? Continue reading