Terr’Ativa, an NGO in Rio de Janeiro

During my trip in Brazil, I stopped several days in Rio de Janeiro where I visited the NGO named Terr’Ativa located in a favela in the North of the city. I wanted to film and they needed an institutional video to introduce their NGO. After a great afternoon with them, Justine reminded me that the situation is not always like this unfortunately…

In September they had to close for several days because of security reasons.

Here is the result

PS : I met them thanks to Travel With A Mission. Have a look, you’ll like what they do !

Vidigal, favela for VIP

Short walk with Justine in the favela of Vidigal. Pacified and “cleaned” from any undesirable people we had a talk about this neighbourhood passing in 2 years time from the no man’s land to the place to be for the world’s VIPs.

Photos Dani13Rodrigo Soldon (Licence Creative Commons)


Visit of the Vila Nova Esperança

Being in Sao Paulo I want to discover life ofpeople from disadvantaged neighborhoods. The ones forgotten by the more than 20 million inhabitants. I decided to go to Vila Nova Esperança (the City of New Hope), which is a favela not recognize by the authorities of Sao Paulo.

What are the consequences ? What future can expect these people ?

Trailer – Active English Subtitles

When France meets Brazil… Teaser

Interview of a couple from France and Brasil. Is it easy to change country for the benefit of the relationship?
What are the difficulties, drawbacks and advantages?

From all the teasers tell me which one you prefer that you want to see the longer version first.